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The 11th at Quicksilver

The view from the 2nd tee at Ponderosa

The 18th at Firestone Farms

A frosty Lindenwood

The Commish, Joe C., signing proposals into PAC law.

The crew at the PAC meeting

The commish ruling on cases at the Unuts Xmas party, '05.

We joined up with these two strange guys on the 12th......

Bone's great shot of a fox at Reserve Run

Updated Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mac Wins 2014 PAC Tour Player-of-the-Year! After considerable evaluation, calculation and prognostication, the Executive Committee of the PAC Tour announces that Mac is the 2014 PAC Tour Player-of-the-Year. This year’s race for the top spot was tightly contested with RJ and Dr. Tim coming in a close second, only one point behind Mac. Mac’s play this year was deserving of the win, as his week-to-week scoring consistency was startling, or in one PAC Tour member’s evaluation…”very un-Mac like!” From the Commissioner’s perspective, Mac’s elevation to the Tour’s highest honor is well-deserved and a direct result of his transition to a full set of Titleist clubs. For those of you who might question the selection, rest assured no bribes or direct cash payoffs were involved in his selection. Mac earned the title and is a deserving winner. Congratulations, Mac. You are the top player on the PAC Tour!

Off-Season Updates And Comments As the UNUTS Tour continues its winter tradition of wacking it during the off-season, plans for the 2015 PAC Tour are in motion. A number of players have indicated that Beaver Lakes was a popular tour stop last season and we will make every effort to include that course more often in 2015.

Emails received on other topics and the Tour Office replies are as follows:
· Sorry, RJ. Your handicap is what it is. You are stuck with your low number for the entire UNUTS season. We do not amend handicaps until the start of the 2015. You appeal to raise your handicap during the off-season is rejected.
· Sorry, Larry M. The Tour office cannot make Christmas gift suggestions as to what you can buy your sweetheart Andy S. for a stocking stuffer. You are on your own.
· Sorry, Doug D. The Tour Office is not currently hiring for any positions so you will have to continue your huckstering of useless sports memorabilia on EBay as a means to supplement your retirement income.
· Stay tuned….more news coming this off-season!

All inormation in this newsletter is protected by US copyright laws 2012.  All comments made do not necessarily apply to any person living or dead and are for informational purposes only.  Reproduction of any or part of this newsletter is permitted only by written consent of the PAC Tour Editor. 


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2015 PAC Tour Golf Schedule


12th PAC Masters Major – Pheasant Ridge Golf Course, 10 am

19th Fort Cherry Golf Club, 10 am

26th Shadow Lakes Golf Club, 10 am


3rd Rolling Acres Golf Club, 10 am (North & South Course)

10th Mother’s Day – Beaver Valley Golf Club, 9 am

17th Westwood Golf Club, 10 am (Please note: dress code enforced, wear appropriate attire)

24th Memorial Day Weekend: North Park Golf Club 8 am

31st Quicksilver Golf Club 9 am


7th Shadow Lakes Golf Club, 10 am

14th Blackhawk Golf Club (#3 and #4) 9 am

21st PAC Open Major - Quicksilver Golf Club 8:48 -920

28th Oak Tree Golf Club 10:15 am


5th Fourth of July Holiday Weekend - North Park Golf Course, 8 am

12th Firestone Farms Golf Club 8:30 am

19th PAC Memorial Major - Lake Arthur 10 am

26th Beaver Valley Golf Club, 9 am


2nd Pheasant Ridge Golf Club, 9 am

9th Rolling Acres 9:45 am (North & South Course)

16th Pittsburgh North Golf Club 9:15 am

23rd Fort Cherry 9:30 am

30th Blackhawk Golf Club – 8:45 am


6th Labor Day Weekend - South Park Golf Course, 8 am

13th Dub’s Dred Golf Club 10 am

20th Crafton Open Major - Shadow Lakes Golf Club 9:30 am

27th Big Skins Day – Pittsburgh North Golf Club 10 am

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