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The 11th at Quicksilver

The view from the 2nd tee at Ponderosa

The 18th at Firestone Farms

A frosty Lindenwood

The Commish, Joe C., signing proposals into PAC law.

The crew at the PAC meeting

The commish ruling on cases at the Unuts Xmas party, '05.

We joined up with these two strange guys on the 12th......

Bone's great shot of a fox at Reserve Run

Updated Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Week – The Crafton Open Major – Ponderosa Golf Club, 10am There are plenty of reasons to come on out this Sunday and play some golf. The weather is forecasted to be warm with a high of around 79 degrees. The cool evenings mean the grass is growing again so the courses are coming into premier fall condition. Even the Steelers are not an issue, with a kick-off set for Sunday evening. Last but not least, this Sunday marks the fourth and final major of the PAC Tour season – The Crafton Open. The Crafton Open is our original major, tracing it roots back decades ago to the old Crafton Public Golf Course where our skins game started. It’s not just another day of golf, but a competition that traces its roots back to another time and another place when some guys still here and some now gone first crossed paths to play together in this game we love. Unlike other tournaments where the prize chased is a trophy or pocket of cash, The Crafton Open awards the winner custody of “The Shirt,” a rag-tag worn piece of apparel where the champion immortalizes himself with the honor of writing his name next-in-line for all posterity. This Sunday, last year’s winner Andy S. brings back the shirt, trying to retain the title and the rest of us hoping to pirate it away. Join us. Please reserve your time ASAP.
Next Week – Big Skins Day – Quicksilver Golf Club, 9:30 am. The most spirited and close race for the Pig Trophy in the history of the Tour will be decided next Sunday when we hold our final official event of the year – Big Skins Day. With the skins day fees boosted to $35 for this event, anything can and probably will happen. One thing is for sure: Quicksilver is a course deserving of settling the score.

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2014 PAC Tour Schedule

April 6th --- Season opens. Blackmoor Golf Club --- 10 am

April 13th --- First Major – PAC Masters –
Pheasant Ridge Golf Club --- 10am

April 20th --- Firestone Farms --- 10am

April 27th --- Quicksilver --- 9am


May 4th --- MillCreek North --- 9:18 am

May 11th --- Beaver Valley Golf Club --- 9:30 am

May 18th --- Oaktree Golf Club --- 10 am

May 25th --- Village Green --- 9 am


June 1st --- Aubrey’s Dub’s Dread --- 9 am

June 8th --- Quicksilver ---9:04 am

June 15th --- Second Major – PAC Open –
Firestone Farms --- 8 am

June 22nd --- Ponderosa Golf Club --- 9 am

June 29th --- Tam O’Shanter --- 9:32


July 6th --- North Park --- 8 am

July 13th --- Mill Creek South --- 9:45 am

July 20th --- Third Major – The Memorial –
Beaver Valley Golf Club --- 9 am

July 27th --- Quicksilver Golf Club --- 8:48 am


Aug. 3rd --- Lake Arthur Golf Club --- 9 am

Aug. 10th --- Pheasant Ridge --- 9 am

Aug. 17th --- Oaktree Golf Club --- 9:45 am $50

Aug. 24th --- Mill Creek North --- 9: 27 am

Aug. 31st --- South Park Golf Club --- 8:00 am


Sept. 7th --- Spring Church Golf Club (Time to be determined)

Sept. 14th --- Blackmoor Golf Club --- 9:30 am

Sept 21st --- Fourth Major – The Crafton Open -
Ponderosa Golf Club --- 10 am

Sept. 28th --- Big Skins Day – Quicksilver Golf Club --- 9:30 am

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