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The 11th at Quicksilver

The view from the 2nd tee at Ponderosa

The 18th at Firestone Farms

A frosty Lindenwood

The Commish, Joe C., signing proposals into PAC law.

The crew at the PAC meeting

The commish ruling on cases at the Unuts Xmas party, '05.

We joined up with these two strange guys on the 12th......

Bone's great shot of a fox at Reserve Run

Updated Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Sunday, June 28th, Oak Tree Country Club, 10 am Tee it up this Sunday at one of western PA’s finest courses that is open to the public – Oak Tree Country Club. The 10 am tee off time makes the drive up to Sharon, PA convenient and the course is always in superb condition. Spots will be limited this week so reserve your tee time by Friday at noon because I have to call in the final count. Expect a special appearance at the course for the skins game and bring your best game to one of the area’s finest tracks. Email me or call ASAP.

Next Week – July 5th, Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend, North Park, 8 am. Next week’s play takes the Tour to North Park Golf Course and as is customary with holiday weekends, no reservations will be required. Be at the course by 7:45 am to sign in for an 8 o’clock anticipated tee time.

Tour Schedule Update: Please Note A special thanks to RJ who played recently at Firestone Farms and learned there was a snafu with our scheduled game there on July 12th. Apparently, the tee time we booked there back in March was not recorded correctly by their staff and they had us set to tee off at 8 am. Due to the long driving distance to the course, this very early tee time was not acceptable so Firestone Farms is off the schedule. We will be playing Rittswood Golf Club in Butler, PA that Sunday, July 12th with a 10 am tee time. Rittswood is a short drive, offers very affordable rates and has a nice layout for our skins game. Note this change on your schedules.

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2015 PAC Tour Golf Schedule


12th PAC Masters Major – Pheasant Ridge Golf Course, 10 am

19th Fort Cherry Golf Club, 10 am

26th Shadow Lakes Golf Club, 10 am


3rd Rolling Acres Golf Club, 10 am (North & South Course)

10th Mother’s Day – Beaver Valley Golf Club, 9 am

17th Westwood Golf Club, 10 am (Please note: dress code enforced, wear appropriate attire)

24th Memorial Day Weekend: North Park Golf Club 8 am

31st Quicksilver Golf Club 9 am


7th Shadow Lakes Golf Club, 10 am

14th Blackhawk Golf Club (#3 and #4) 9 am

21st PAC Open Major - Quicksilver Golf Club 8:48 -920

28th Oak Tree Golf Club 10:15 am


5th Fourth of July Holiday Weekend - North Park Golf Course, 8 am

12th Rittswood Golf Club 10:00 am

19th PAC Memorial Major - Lake Arthur 10 am

26th Beaver Valley Golf Club, 9 am


2nd Pheasant Ridge Golf Club, 9 am

9th Rolling Acres 9:45 am (North & South Course)

16th Pittsburgh North Golf Club 9:15 am

23rd Fort Cherry 9:30 am

30th Blackhawk Golf Club – 8:45 am


6th Labor Day Weekend - South Park Golf Course, 8 am

13th Dub’s Dred Golf Club 10 am

20th Crafton Open Major - Shadow Lakes Golf Club 9:30 am

27th Big Skins Day – Pittsburgh North Golf Club 10 am

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